It’s not ‘Just Play’

Our highest endeavor must be to develop free
human beings , who are able of themselves to
impart purpose and direction to their lives.
- Rudolf Steiner
Freedom to learn, freedom to play, freedom to be our authentic selves. Such beautiful ideas that many of us feel are unreachable or no longer relevant in todays society. But the freedom to choose, the freedom to discover and the freedom to see things with new eyes is always ours. Steiner says freedom is acting out of love, thoughtfully and creatively. If this was the basis for everything we did, how would our lives be different? At Kowhai and Tui, this allowing space and time for our children to experience a sense of freedom is important.

The children then try out and follow their own impulses and see what effect this or that activity may have on the things around them. They are activating their will. Seeing how the world around them responds. This awakens their mental and emotional powers within the child in a way that adult instructions do not. Letting our children live in this natural wonder and freedom without conceptualizing and explaining everything is one big way we can support this sense of freedom for our children more

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