The Art of Settling In!

The single most important predictor of how smoothly a transition will go for settling into a new group is the adults attitude and
- Faith Collins (Author, Teacher, Coach, Speaker)
When a parent/adult is confident and trusting of the new situation that they are coming into , the children settle quickly. It is amazing how a child soaks up the emotions of the parents as they are bring dropped off for their session. If a parent feels worries, anxious or even guilty, generally a child will find it harder to find their peace at this time.

I know I could almost guarantee if I was running late or worried about my day, my youngest son would break down at drop off to Kindy and it would take twice or three times as long to say goodbye and sometimes end with the teacher having to peel him off me kicking and screaming.

The best thing we can affirm is that we are leaving our children in good hands and that yes saying goodbye is hard and my child will have a good time while I am away. Ensure plenty of time so that you are not rushed. Develop a short ritual to let your child know you love them and that you will be return later on. Then place your trust in the teacher to take over from here.
Refrain from discussions and reasoning or bribery with your child. Short and sweet is best. And what happens 95% of the time is that an upset child moves on within five minutes of your departure.

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